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    Foot pain is not normal. Foot problems can be caused by disease, injury or poorly fitting shoes/heels. Learn more about each treatments.
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What is Podiatric Medecine ?

What an amazing structure the human foot is. Made up of 26 relatively small bones and held together by a network of ligaments, muscles and skin, our feet take tortuous punishment every day. One quarter of all the bones in the human body are found in the feet. When these foot bones are out of alignment so is the rest of the body. They sustain the burden of our entire weight; they are shoved into dark, cramped and often damp “containers,” or forced to teeter precariously on tiny spike heels. Far too many of us, unfortunately, ignore our feet unless they begin to signal discomfort.

Functionally, our feet are designed to literally carry us through life without complaint — if taken care of. But, because they provide such an accessible pathway for infection and injury, foot ailments are a relatively common health problem.