What is Podiatry ?

What an amazing structure the human foot is. Made up of 26 relatively small bones and held together by a network of ligaments, muscles and skin, our feet take tortuous punishment every day. One quarter of all the bones in the human body are found in the feet. When these foot bones are out of alignment so is the rest of the body. They sustain the burden of our entire weight; they are shoved into dark, cramped and often damp “containers,” or forced to teeter precariously on tiny spike heels. Far too many of us, unfortunately, ignore our feet unless they begin to signal discomfort.

Functionally, our feet are designed to literally carry us through life without complaint — if taken care of. But, because they provide such an accessible pathway for infection and injury, foot ailments are a relatively common health problem.

My feet HURT! How many times have you heard or said it…standing in line at the movies, in crowded shopping malls, on vacation, or just standing during a routine business day. While four out of five adults eventually suffer from some sort of problem with their feet, far too many folks ignore the minor, early warnings and wind up with a painful, chronic problem. They “fake it ‘til they make it…” and then take it until they can’t make it any more.

Forget “no pain–no gain.” Feet that hurt interfere with every aspect of life. If you don’t feel good, its hard to look good. And, if just getting from one point to another is painful, it might be too easy to sit out on the sidelines of life, letting others have all the fun. If your activities are too restricted, you might find that you’re aging prematurely.

The good news is that your feet don’t have to hurt. In just about every case, foot problems can be medically or surgically treated to correct the disorder or deformity, restore function and mobility, and ease the pain. The key to getting back on your feet is to seek qualified, professional attention to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Let us put the “spring” back into your step!

Dr. Tarek El-Onsi is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (Podiatric physician) who specializes in the care of the foot and its related disorders. As a podiatrist he is concerned with the examination, diagnosis and prevention of the foot and its related disorders by mechanical, physical, medical and surgical means of treatment. He is also concerned in the diagnosis of problems affecting the musculoskeletal system of the feet; in other words, problems of posture, alignment, deformities and bone deviations located in the foot structure which in turn influences the upper articulations (knees, hips, back).

Examination of your feet is an integral part of your life. Frequently, many people have structural imbalances of the feet that may go unrecognized and can lead to other deformities and imbalances within the skeletal system. When detected early, these imbalances of the feet, some of which are related to the bone structure, are treated so that a sturdier foundation can be provided for later years. With proper care and attention to their feet, you can enjoy many years of pain-free foot function.

Early diagnosis and treatment of foot problems are worthwhile investments in overall good health. Unfortunately, major foot problems can result when people attempt to diagnose and cure their own foot ailments or neglect their feet altogether.

Most foot pain is the result of a faulty relationship between the bones and muscles of the foot. Even the slightest misalignment can cause a great deal of discomfort. Misalignment can result in a number of problems such as pronation, flat feet, persistent ankle sprains, bunions, corns, calluses, heel spurs–even knee, back and neck pain.

Today, a great percentage of foot problems can be alleviated by the use of prescription custom foot orthotic devices.